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Who is Metthier ?

Metthier is a leader in the development of advanced technology in the domain of smart security and facility management. We have over 6,000 employees providing services nationwide, serving more than 400 clients. We offer a seamless experience, empowering our society to embrace a fulfilling life enriched by technology.


We strive to “Rise above Ordinary” to ensure that people live with more smiles and peace of mind.


We aim to be the leader in the development of advanced technology for smart security, and facility management.






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What do we do?

Metthier is a brand that understands the needs of metropolitan people. Our colleagues are service minded and use advanced technology to deliver the best facilities management services. We ensure that you can live your happiest life without having to worry about your security and belonging.

What is Smart Facility Management?

Smart Facility Management is the use of state-of-the-art technology and innovations to enhance convenience, efficiency, and cost savings in the management of buildings and workforce for control and supervision.

Metthier, an expert in smart facility management, specializes in managing security and facility operations with advanced technology and has professional experience in providing services.

What are our services?

Cutting-edge protection through intelligent technology for enhanced safety and peace of mind.

  • Metthier Intelligent Operation Center (MIOC)
    Where AI and Smart IoT redefine possibilities, designed exclusively to revolutionize the way we manage and enhance properties.
  • Workforce Management System
    With real-time insights and user-friendly features, our system optimizes productivity, ensuring your workforce is always at its best.
  • On-demand Dispatch System
    On-demand Dispatch System, a state-of-the-art solution for smart security and facility management. Harnessing the power of AI, IoT, and cloud technology, our system revolutionizes how security and facility tasks are coordinated and executed.
  • Smart Incident Management (SIM)
    Unified Platform for Remote Security Management and Incident Handling
  • Security Services and Systems Management
    Strongly committed to provide top securities for persons and belongings. We emphasize in preventive measures rather than corrective. All our personnel are trained to handlevarious kinds of securities services including firefighting, first aid and traffic control from the experts. They are also equipped with latest & modern equipment. We can guarantee that our services are of international standard.
  • Cash Management and Armour Transport
    From our long term experience with several leading finance institutions Metthier has continually developed expertise to transport valuables with modern and high technology equipment.

Elevating property functionality and user experience through seamless maintenance and optimization.

  • Digital Twin Solution
    Creating a comprehensive virtual representation of the entire project, enabling real-time monitoring, analysis, and optimization.
  • Visitor Management System
    Visitor Management System (VMS) empowered by A.I. is a modern and innovative approach to manage visitors efficiently and securely in various settings such as buildings, and other public places.
  • Unmanned Power Sub Station System
    An Unmanned Power Substation System refers to a modern and technologically advanced electrical substation that operates without the need for constant on-site human presence. These unmanned substations utilize automation, remote monitoring, and control technologies to efficiently manage potential events.
  • Business Premises Management and Cleaning
    Handled by well trained personnel using modern equipment and safe cleaning chemicals and could ensure that all offices under our care are always clean, hygienic and provide good working environment.
  • Administrative Staff Services
    In today’s business world,it is getting more competitive than ever and cost reduction especially in support area is a must for most corporate, whether or not the money spend is justify when compare with efficiency and productivity of permanent staff. It is simply because the cost of permanent staff which comprise of salary and welfare increase along with years of service.

Unleash AI’s potential for smarter, efficient, and innovative outcomes.

  • Access Control Solutions
    Experience security, redefined. Join us in shaping the future with Access Control Solutions that empower safety and redefine access.
  • Smart Cleaning and Advanced Robotics
    Elevate Cleanliness with Smart Cleaning and Advanced Robotics
Why choose Metthier?

Metthier is a leader in developing advanced technology-based security and facility management systems. We have a proven track record in delivering service to more than 400 clients nationwide.

Our technology protects people and critical locations across the country. We build partnerships with our customers and safeguard what matters to them. We understand the importance of giving you peace of mind and helping you live a joyful life.

We are committed to ensuring your safety everywhere, making our society a more livable place. At Metthier, “We elevate with technology.”

How do I contact Metthier?

Metthier Company Limited

55, A.A. Capital Ratchada Building, 5th-7th Floor Ratchadapisek Road, Dindaeng, Dindaeng Bangkok, 10400 (Open : Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM)

Request information from our experts

Tel: 0 2029 7877 Email: customerservice@metthier.co.th

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